Barcelona Party

Barcelona Party

barcelona party

The basics of throwing an amazing bachelor party Barcelona.

So, your dude is getting married and he entrusts you with planning his bachelor’s party because you’re the most responsible guy among the pool. What this means to you is a lot of work since you probably haven’t been to any Barcelona party before (because you’re a responsible guy). Nevertheless, you want to make your friend who is soon to be a groom have a blast before he finally settles down and start a family. Here are some things you need to include in your checklist if you want a successfully organized and amazing bachelor party Barcelona.

The Guest List

Oftentimes, it all starts out with an elegant gentleman’s party where there’s food, drinks, and a lot of stylish activities such as wishes for the couple’s future. But these days, people usually eliminate this part of the party and go straight to the fun. Whatever the case, the very first thing you need to come up with is a guest list.

It is still a Barcelona party after all and you want to control the crowd as much as possible. If you choose to go straight to the full-on bachelor’s party, you need to keep the list small. More people means you need to consider more opinions when deciding and it could take a lot of time. Invite friends who you think can get the party started with a lot of fun by cracking jokes or doing just-enough-crazy stuff.

The Location Matters

The location where a bachelor party is held can be anywhere to be honest. You can choose to do it at the groom’s own backyard or you can scale it up to going overseas and have like an all-in-one party and adventure trip all weekend. One of the best places to go is Barcelona. Most bachelor party Barcelona doesn’t just include going to a club and getting wasted. Barcelona offers a whole bunch of other activities that you, the groom, and your friends can enjoy. Don’t just stick to the typical norm of drinks, strippers, and gambling when planning a bachelor party.

Now, there might be some considerations. If your guest lists are not that time-free or expense-free. For these cases, it would be best to do a bachelor party in your neighborhood or your local bar or hotel. This brings us to the next item on the checklist.

Consider The Budget

Just like any party, a bachelor’s party runs on a budget and expenses. Ask your friend how he wants the bachelor party to be and take note of what he wants. Don’t forget to ask if he is willing to sponsor everything or if he prefers chip-in. Nothing is more frustrating than holding a bachelor party that gets out of hand at budget and then you end up paying more than you can imagine. If you have a set budget, stick to it and research for location and activities that fit in it or ask for a professional help to event planners like Partiesta.

Consider The Groom

As we’ve said, the bachelor’s party is for the groom. It’s not a simple night out where you can just all decide what to do and just let the night take you where it leads to. Remember, it’s your groom-friend’s last party. Make it awesome. Make sure it would all be about him and the things that he wants. If he says he just wants a simple one with drinks and strippers then do so. The party might not be generally grand but if your friend likes it that way, it is already grand for him.

Timing Is The Key

We’ve already mentioned that a successful bachelor’s party involves making sure that everyone has a nice time. Timing is important. Mostly, a bachelor party would be a night full of activities so you won’t obviously schedule it in the middle of the week where there is work the next morning. If you plan to go out to a different city or even overseas, make sure that the guests are free the whole weekend because it’s going to be a jam-packed next-level party.

Avoid scheduling it the night before the wedding because the chances of a hangover are very big and a groom with a hangover walking down the aisle is the worst thing that could happen. Schedule it maybe a week or two before the wedding. Also, if your guest list includes people from out of town, give them an advanced invitation. They might not be able to attend but they will appreciate the notice.

Set House Rules

A bachelor party is a very crucial party before a groom’s wedding. You should make sure that nothing bad happens or people don’t do crazy stuff during the party. It’s always a good thing to set some house rules. Make sure they are clear enough so people know but don’t make too strict ones that they’d take away the fun part of the bachelor party Barcelona. Some house rules you need to consider including:

  • No drunk driving. Obviously, it’s illegal. If you can already picture that everyone gets drunk at the party, hire a car service or have Uber handy when the attendees need a ride home.
  • No picture taking. 90% of the time, your bachelor party would include strippers. Allowing pictures of strippers taken would not only get the groom in trouble but it would also pose threats to the stripper. Respect the stripper’s job and ask the guests to keep their phones in their pockets once the strip show starts.
  • Respect the groom. The groom is the main star of the party and guests will do everything to him. They’d make fun of him, tease him, take funny photos of him or even set them up on a hilarious surprise. That’s good at some level but if the groom starts feeling uncomfortable and upset, remind your guest to take it easy. An angry groom on his own bachelor party is a bummer.

Be The Bigger Guy

Remember that at the top of all this, you are the planner and organizer. Be the one in control and be responsible on looking out that things are done according to plan. Be strict enough even if it means kicking someone out who are causing headaches to the party. At the end of the day, you are that responsible friend your groom-friend entrusts the bachelor party to.


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